Canon iSeries i255 Printer Driver Download

Canon iSeries i255 Printer Driver Download

Canon iSeries i255 Printer Driver Download Review

Canon iSeries i255 Printer Driver Download may be a small home printer, I purchased one in 2004, and it served Maine commendable for three years.Of course, my use of printer is extremely restricted and not abundant significant printing jobs on behalf of me.

What I notice positive aspects of the printer are : 
1. It doesn’t jam the paper often unless you handle paper during a mussy manner 
2. offers excellent quality print and might even print icons ( on photo quality paper), however color ink is dear.
3. simple to put in and handle 
4. you’ll be able to monitor the ink level on screen 
5. additional necessary ,it is a really low cost printer. 
Ther ar some minor adverse options as well: 
1. typically it takes 2 minutes or additional to start out printing , once the print job starts, 
it works swimmingly. 
2. to a small degree bit vociferous rattling of cylinders everytime it begin self cleanup before printing 
3. Printer ink is pricey, particularly if you have got moderately significant print jobs. 
4. I notice address printing on envelopes a problematic exercise on this printer. 
5. Not abundant versatile options 
A WORD OF CAUTION: higher persist with original Canon cartridge. Your Print -head could get spoiled if you you utilize low cost refill inks . 
Overall it’s a decent entry level printer for home users. Service quality is additionally smart. 
My printer didn’t offer any issues for the primary three years, in 2007 Jan, it started some issues and that i took it for service . They charged Maine Rs. 350 for the work termed ” E promenade RE-SET ” , Don’t understand what it’s . however the printer once more started identical bother once few days and that i am once more taking it to the service centre currently. on balance for three years it behaved well and that we can’t expect a small low cost printer to try to to life long service.

Canon iSeries i255 Printer Driver Download

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