4 Most Important Things You Should Know before Playing Pokemon Go

Recently a lot of smartphone users in the world who play Pokemon Go. For android is easy, simply by downloading the application on a particular website can already play this game. Well, for you who have not played Pokemon GO, we will give you important information before you decide to play this game.

  1. Tutorial given is extremely bad

Too bad when playing Pokemon Go, you will not be taught how to play in detail. Initially players can choose and customize characters. Then the player can choose one of three Pokemon are Bulbasaur, charmender, and Squirtle. Even if it is not connected with a GPS, the game will be error, the player can not catch one Pokemon at the beginning. As for the menu “Tips,” you will be explained about the usefulness PokeStop to get items like a Poke Ball and so on, as well as the gym for control of an area.

bermain pokemon go

To catch Pokemon, players simply swipe Poke Ball held appropriately. Each Pokemon that you catch will take the fight, if they win, could escape from the Poke Ball. They also can escape if you do not immediately catch it.

2. Not like the classic Pokemon games

If you expect Pokemon Go Pokemon has a classic gameplay as you play on the platform Nintendo Gameboy or Nintendo DS and 3DS, then you are wrong. Pokemon Go is a new game project that uses Virtual Reality technology. Although the core of the same game, collecting all the Pokemon are there (total of 151 Pokémon that can be caught), you can not train them. Even for battle can only be done in certain places. Players will each be equipped Pokedex for Pokemon know how many they have.

bermain pokemon go

The essence of this game is to catch as many Pokemon. If you catch the same type Pokemon, you can trade them with candy. Now with the use of sweets, you can upgrade or evolve Pokemon against Pokemon that you get. Once a player reaches level 5, players can choose the red team, blue, or yellow. By selecting a team, players can take control of a gym and compete with other teams. Of course there will be a battle system that could be done to seize a Gym. When players take control of a gym, then he can earn currency to spend in the Coin Poke Shop.

3. This game force you to get around town

To play Pokemon Go properly, you have to drive around town. The right way is to use vehicles such as a bicycle or motorcycle. Every corner of the city would house different Pokemon, so to get a different kind of forced you to drive around town. You can see what Pokemon are standing around you by pressing the menu in the bottom right of the screen.

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Moreover, in your town will certainly there are many PokeStop. You can pause at PokeStop to get a variety of complimentary amenities, such as Poke Ball, Potion, Revive, and Egg. PokeStop usually an important building in the city, such as churches, mosques, government buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, and so forth.

4. There are only 151 Pokemon type only.

bermain pokemon go

For those of you who want to play Pokemon Go, I divulge some important information, this game only provides the type Pokémon from the first generation only. In total there will be 151 Type Pokemon you’ll collect, including 5 Legendary Pokemon that have not reveal his form until today. Most likely the next generation of Pokemon will appear in the next update.